Wireless Broadband Access  Starts @ *$24.95
Rate Plans & Coverage Info

Wireless Data Coverage

Avolve Wireless IP service will be available in three metropolitan counties (Fairfield, Licking & Perry ) with a located  tower covering 3-5 air miles and a localized one covering at most 2 miles. As we continue to build our wireless network, Avolve wireless will soon begin work on implementing exciting new high-speed data technologies. 

High speed wireless internet connections from Avolve, Inc. Speeds up to  50Megs with package prices starting at only $34.95 per month. Wireless IP ( wIP ) is the next breakthrough technology internet service. wIP is a new method of delivering high speed internet access without the need for the telephone or cable system infrastructure. It provides speeds over a T-1 line, DSL or cable internet connection.

A wireless connection is live to our network 24 hours per day, providing speeds up to 50Megs depending on the distance and other factors between your location and our tower and the package you choose.

Wireless Data Rate Plans - 10% off  discounted rates for advance payments of 3/6/12 Months
Residential Broadband
Monthly Rate
Download Speed Up To Upload Speed Up To Burst/Turbo Rate Features
      Wireless Access
Web Based Email
Basic Internet Access $24.95 3M 768k 5Meg
Enhanced Internet Access $34.95 5Meg 1Meg 15Meg
Basic Entertainment Internet Access $44.95 10Meg 3Meg 20Meg
Enhanced Entertainment Internet Access $54.95 15Meg 3Meg 25Meg

** All speeds are dependent on many conditions that affect signal strength.

Commercial Broadband
Monthly Rate Download Speed Up To Upload Speed Up To   Features



7Meg   Dedicated Wireless Access
Web Based Email
Router Configuration
Network Monitoring & Notification


Computer equipment installation fee:           $ 45.00 on site * free in shop and tested
** This would be equipment such as network cards, routers and others.

Outside antenna installation fee:                   $ 75.00 - $125.00 due at time of installation as well as first month ( Businesses are different )
Expedient Site Survey:                                   $ 20.00 due at time of site survey

Replacement of antenna for any reason (mainly due to lightning or power surges ) after 180 day warranty is $50, if new ethernet cable needs to be run the full installation cost of $125 will prevail

*Additional Ethernet cabling can be purchased if needed for additional computers

*Wireless service that has been de-activated for late payment will carry a $8 re-activation/late fee. Service that has been suspended will carry a $10 re-activation fee.

*In areas where 900mhz is deployed and either the 2.4ghz/5.8ghz are not available or signal strength is to low for reliable connections and 900mhz can be installed, the package rate will be limited to the $34.95 or higher package.

*Pricing for new tower installations may be different than posted.

*Posted prices are subject to change at any time.

For more information on pricing and availability please email us at rocknroll@avolve.net

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