wIP Frequently Asked Questions ?

What is "Wireless Internet Access" ?

  Wireless internet access is exactly what it says "wireless". Avolve is providing high speed cost effective solutions for internet access via wireless, NO PHONE LINES, NO CABLE, NO SATELLITE NEEDED !  There is no need to worry about slow downloads, busy signals, or disconnections anymore, with wireless internet your computer is always on the internet.

What equipment is needed ?
How Fast is a Wireless Connection ?

A wireless internet connection's speed depends weather conditions, tower line of sight in your area, and software using the network on your computer ( which could be a virus or SpyWare). A connection can range from your standard dsl and cable internet bundle/lite of 768k on up to 25megs. Business connections carry different speeds.

What does the equipment look like ?

The technology of this equipment changes quickly as you can imagine



Do I need a phone line ?

NO! a phone line is not needed. If you have a second phone line you can actually save money and get a faster speed connection by going wireless and canceling your second phone line. Even more money can be saved by going to a MagicJack or some sort of other voip phone service.

Service is not available in all areas. Direct any questions pertaining to wireless to wireless@avolve.net.

To see if we can be of service to you and/or setup an appointment to see if you can take advantage of this technology, email rocknroll@avolve.net

Thank you for choosing Avolve !